About Boutique Manifique

Boutique Manifique was founded by Angela LaGuardia. She has a natural and has the unique talent of knowing how to help or shall I say assist people on how to dress properly. What is this? Angela knows how to blend many styles of clothing taking the plain janes, basically the boring clothes and making them into gems. She is a diamond in the rough!

As Angela’s name goes, she is truly an angel. There is a desperate need for her unique tastes and talents in the fashion world. She has mentioned it has been a life’s dream of hers on opening up a mobile boutique.

Since there are many professional women in the work place, there is little opportunities for these women to go out and shop for fine clothing. Weekends are taken up doing domestic chores. Angela’s business is a one of a kind operation. She comes to you and she also has a showroom for women to come into her place of business for these ladies to view and try on the clothing on a one on one basis.

Angela is giving each client a personalized experience on the selection of wearing classy clothing. Angela is a people’s person. She is not into the selling the clothing just to make the sale. She treats each customer very well listening to everything that they want to wear. When she gets done on assisting the customer, every women leaving her establishment at Boutique Manifique will be longing to come back and shop more.

Each women will feel very special. The big department stores have lost the talent of giving each client the personal touch. When helping a client, someone else comes to be rung up, the personal touch is lost forever. As I stated before, Angela is unique when you shop at Boutique Manifique. Each person will receive the personal touch.

Angela will make her clients feel the WOW and unique after shopping with Boutique Manifique!

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